Elves and Welshmen

Our first big critique of work on friday went well. The unnamed company has TRBR 5 out of 7 teams working on it and this brainstorming session was a great way to throw things around. This is how you get work done. Mark and Gemma started us off with a few things, then Chris and I threw a few in he mixer which when down well. Paul and Mark then said things we discarded, but annoyingly they went down well! Followed by Dan and Andy who, wish we’d tried this trick, threw down every idea, including one with an annoying woman I’ve forgotten the name of. Again they pulled stuff up which we left out, only for that to be liked more! 

I felt a bit peeved afterwards, we thinned down our ideas and it didn’t pay off. I think in future every time we think of using Jade Goody or elves and welshman we’ll present them all! I don’t mind being laughed at, if we get hired on the crazy and stupid ideas factor I don’t care. There is a lot at stake and we have to pull out every idea and treat it like a winner.

(P.S. thats exactly what we did today and 2 ideas went to client...score!)