Fresh Awards

Hurrah! I'm up for an award. Domigoals, which I did at my last agency, has been nominated in the 'Freshest App' category. Here's the low down of how/why it got nominated.

I'll find out on 4th October if it's won.


For those that aren't aware, on Friday, Domino's launched my final project with Ed at Big. It's an app called Domigoals. 
It's a very simple idea, every time someone, anyone, scores a goal this summer there are 1000 opportunities to win a discount of your next order. It's literally fastest finger first.

If someone scores once, it's £5 off. The same player score twice, £10. And if they grab a hat-trick you get a £20 voucher. It looks a bit like this:
You can play for free on iPhone, Android and on Facebook

Spotify + Soundrop + Orbital

When Spotify launched their apps a great cheer went up from the hills (probably) as finding music suddenly became much easier. There are some clever little apps on there, but I like Soundrop.

It's basically a giant never ending playlist, which is created by everyone in the same 'room'. The room has a genre, and you can add anything to it and then vote it up and down. Post add comments, star stuff, that kinda thing.

But the other day, I noticed something quite cool. Soundrop, through Spotify, had an Orbital room. One click later and I realised Orbital were doing a live chat, plus music sesh with their whole catalogue. Pretty funky, huh?
I reckon it's a nice way to launch a new album, or go through your greatest hits while chatting to your fans. It's even easier as you can set up your own 'room' with just a few clicks. So if I was a new band just launching their first album, I'd probably jump on

Take Him Off

So on Saturday, I watched the car crash TV show that is Take Me Out. I find it pretty funny and flawed. Imagine if it was 30 blokes and 1 woman instead... would any light ever go off until the final round?

Normally I get my laughs from Adam and Dan's Twitter banter, but this week I didn't need it because of one thing; Damian Merry.

If you missed it, here's the worst thing you can say to a bunch of ladies.

But if that wasn't worth a TV award right there... There's more.

Elle, who I used to work with, tweeted last night:
And erm, the 'fireman' on the homepage happens to be, yes you've guessed it, Damian!
Hmmm, now if I were the owner of Uniform Dating, the first thing I'd be doing this morning is changing that image. Sorry Damian, if you're not a hit with the ladies, the site you're advertising might have some issues too.

Domino's 555 Blippar Ad

Hot on the heels of the TV ad, we've ventured into the world of AR with our first Blippar ad.
The six sheet allows you to find your nearest store, view all your local offers, join the Facebook Page and even order your pizza there and then! Oh, and you can salivate over it too.
I've also attached the poster so you can try it out from the comfort of your desk. Just download the app for free and get scanning. Nom, nom, nom.

Domino's 555 TV

At the end of last year, we went on our first TV shot for Big, which was my third and Ed's first. And it was a pretty big one; Domino's' January campaign.

Filmed over a cold and wet couple of days at the beginning of December in Palmer's Green, North London we roped in the amazing Matt Losasso to direct our ad 'Do save' to publicise the range of deals they've got this month.

The 30 second ad officially aired last night and there are two 10 second offer ads to spot too. And if you suddenly get the urge to order Domino's, blame Ed and I for doing our job.

And here are just a few behind the scenes snaps of the shoot.

Also, you can even follow the delivery guy on Twitter. As far as I'm aware, he'd never delivered a pizza before but he's a natural if I do say so myself.

"Define an English person"

Google can be cruel sometimes.

It also works for the Scots too...
Luckily, the Irish and Welsh are sitting pretty. No stereotyping for them...

Creatives Talk Live: David Droga

Facebook is branching out by staging 'Creatives Talk', a series designed to inspire creativity, live on its site.

On Wednesday, November 30th at 7pm, you can listen to David Droga, from Droga5, discuss how social is impacting the advertising industry. He'll be sharing his thoughts on the ingredients of the best social campaigns and be sharing some of his favourite examples.

And after his talk, there'll be a live Q&A with questions from the online audience.

You can go to the event simply by clicking here (and then watching it online, obviously).

P.S. for once, I clicked on a targeted Facebook ad...


So everyone wants LBi Rave tickets. We get it. 
It'll be the party of the year. We know. 
But how desperate are you to go? 

Desperate enough to pay for free tickets? Someone is, they're on Ebay! 
Granted there'll be free booze, awesome entertainment and half my mates are going. But, would I really pay £100 (or more) for two tickets? I doubt it.

Arriva Bus Complaint

I’ve seen these before, but never to someone I know.

The background

Josh, the newbie copywriter at Big, went to get a bus after work one night. Unfortunately, the bus driver didn’t see little ol’ Josh stick his hand out and drove past. This upset Josh immensely. So, like any good copywriter should, he used the power of words to fight back.

He emailed Arriva. His argument? "I pay good money for a weekly bus pass and silly Mr Bus Driver doesn’t stop for me. Pffft. And my dinner was cold too." A good argument in my book.

Arriva responded saying they couldn’t offer any compensation, but disciplined the driver – I’m guessing with a traffic offence and 3 points on his license.

Slightly annoyed, Josh accepted this decision. However, only on one condition… if he received a hand drawn picture of a cat wearing a vest and shorts, holding a tennis racket, with a sweatband around his head.

The outcome 
A major win if ever you saw one. Nice one Arriva buses.

And you can read Josh’s story in a blow-by-blow email exchange on storify.

Trash Tevez

Betfair have pulled a great PR move. At this Sunday’s Manchester derby, Betfair branded rubbish skips will be collecting replica shirts with Tevez on the back in exchange for brand new ones.
Each ‘recycling’ skip will be half blue and half red. So it doesn’t matter which team you support, you can still trash Tevez.

Betfair have even estimated that over 75,000 fans are expected to ditch their unwanted Tevez tops – who will then send them to Argentina and handed to local charities.


And I'm blogging again.

Charli and Alex might get married

Meet Charli and Alex.
Charli is German. Alex is American.
They may have boys’ names, but Charli and Alex are girls. Straight girls.
But they love each other, or at least working with each other.
Charli’s visa expires on October 9th and she will have to return to Germany, unless she gets hired or married.
Alex needs a job too and doesn’t want her partner to leave.
Charli and Alex love working together so much that they might have to resort to getting married to do so.
But you can save them years of feigned lesbian interest by hiring them today or by granting them an interview.
Brilliant little idea. They have a USP that very few other people have and so are taking full advantage of it. Though they're looking for a job in America, so if you want to hire them in the UK, Alex will need a visa instead.

I for one, hope they get hired. But they do make a lovely couple...

You can follow their story here.


Last night I saw a QR code on TV. But not a little one added on to an ad that gave you 0.5 seconds to grab your phone, find your QR reader and then load and scan before it's disappeared. This QR code was given warning.

As the end credits rolled, the VO told me to get out my phone and get ready for a QR code. What appeared next was something I wasn't expecting. A full screen one.

As these pictures show, the QR code doesn't move. But the image inside does. It was selling a new program on the BBC. I'd love to tell you what it was for, but I can't scan the code and I was too intrigued by the image to actually listen to what the VO was on about.
It's an interesting concept, but I'm not sure it'll take off.


I don't usually post poetic meaningful rambles these days, so I thought I'd throw one your way. One about opportunities for grads.

Now I'd like to say I know everything. But even I know I don't. But I have enough hands in enough pies to be able to see things that from all sorts of angles.

1. Free publicity
There are plenty of ways to publicise yourself. For instance Bjorn and Sophie created 'Keep Aaron Cutting'. And Lewis and Alex got their website in the Metro, and you can too. I could reel off plenty more, but I'll let you do the leg work with links. But think of how to get publicity in Campaign, The Drum, Creative Review or the press. There are plenty of ways to go the extra mile for yourself. Find one. And then go nuts.
2. Networking
It's so easy. Yet so easily underestimated. Tweet people in your industry. Email others. Comment on blogs. Send round cool stuff. If you sound interesting, people will want to meet you. The worst thing you can do is overlook social networks, including LinkedIn.
You'll get loads of opportunities through networking. They might pass your folio on to people higher up, take you for drinks to meet other creative folk and getting book crits is easier too. The YCC have a 'Friends Of' section that also has plenty of names and emails on. Use it. That's what it's there for.

3. Reply to emails and quickly
Recently there was an opportunity I was in charge of. There was a call for submissions and then a change in plan. I emailed the 30 or so student teams that had already applied to tell them of the change in plans. And I needed a reply ASAP from them to confirm they were still interested. I got only 18 replies. And then 4 more after the deadline had passed, which meant they weren't considered. So 12 teams lost out on a fantastic opportunity purely on not reading / replying to an email.

4. Not being a knob
There are certain people that get a reputation for certain things. I'd like to think I can have an opinion and express this online without slagging off people. Others on the other hand, can't.
If you're a student / grad and are looking for work, the last thing you need to do is make enemies. The internet is actually a very small place. And word travels fast. Be careful what you say. If people ask others for opinions and they remember you for the wrong reasons, you're stuffed.

5. Not sitting on your arse waiting for 'something to come along'
If you've not got a placement / job yet, it's because you've not been looking hard enough. I run Ad Job Wall because there are lots of jobs out there that you guys should know about. But there are many more I don't put out there. Because I'm not going to them and pestering them. Go visit agencies, have book crits, do stuff that doesn't involve waiting for something to be handed to you on a plate.

6. Going where the work is
I've done this twice. And I know half the fun is going to a random city and trying something new. I started in London, went to Edinburgh because of point 5. Had far too much fun for two years. Headed back to London. Spent six months there and now I'm in Leicester.
I love seeing places and experiencing new things. And with no reason to stay in one place, I can make the most of great opportunities elsewhere. So what if there's a job in Newcastle or Birmingham? If it's your perfect role, go. Permanent doesn't mean a life sentence. Learn and, in time, move on. Follow your head, not your heart.

7. Take a step back
Think, is this really want you want? You don't have to find your dream job first time. In fact, it's probably impossible. But there are plenty of jobs out there that do similar roles but in different areas. I found a mate a PR role because journalism is having a tough time. Granted it's not 'the same' but it's close enough. It won't do her prospects or CV any harm. Whereas being on the dole or working in McDonalds could.

And finally, our new agency in Leicester, BIG Communications, is looking for a junior digital designer and an account exec. Drop me an email if you're interested. I've even just presented two opportunities to you just for simply by reading my blog. I'll say no more.

Old Spice vs The Rioters

"Hello Rioters. Look at your friend, now back to me. Now at your friend, now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me, but if he stopped using petrol bombs and started using job centre he could potentially be me. Look down, back up. Where are we? You're at an interview with the man your friend could work for. What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's an application​ form to that job you need. Look again. The form is now money. Anything is possible when you get a job and stop looting.
Source: unknown.

Whoever rewrote that is a genius. Where's the viral spoof when you need one.

Mudd is Black or White

Press play:

Skip to about three and a half minutes in.

Now press play on the adverts below.

Hmm. Recognise that? Yeah, thought so.

BIG News

Ed and I have been hired, again. And we were offered something we felt we couldn't turn down.

After freelancing in London for the last few months, we've taken a permanent role. But not in London. Instead, we're off to Leicester and BIG Communications.

Yeah I know right.
They're called BIG Communications. They're in Leicester, which is a city (honest). It's an hour north on the train from London - so I'm not going a million miles away. And they've got some cool clients, won lots of awesome awards and have lots of in house departments that we can make the most of.

It's an opportunity that we weren't expecting to get. A role where we're hopefully not on the bottom rung, and one where we can work on all their major clients from top to bottom - including TV. The likes of Dominos, WKD and Tuborg sound like a student's wet dream. And there are plenty of smaller brands that we hope to get our teeth in to.

They're also being very considerate around all the other commitments we have in London, showing they're interested in us, not just with filling a job vacancy. And that's the exciting bit.

We're starting on the 15th August, which is a week on Monday. Although we've known about it for a week or two, we wanted to wait until we had the contracts signed before saying anything. Whoop whoop!

Bale out The Sun

Anyone remember this?

Well now it's turned into this, created by WCRS&co:

Its saving grace? They actually asked the original artist Richard Swarbrick and his studio to produce it.

I must admit, it's a lovely animation style. But creatively, does it not seem a really easy way out? It's almost a carbon copy.

The Eyesight App

On Friday, I posted a new piece of work that Ed and I had created - the Specsavers Eyesight App.
In essence, the concept would emulate your prescription of your glasses. Using an app and the camera, you can look through your smartphone and see what you'd normally see while wearing glasses, but without them.

I popped this on Twitter and it got a very good response from a lot of you. And many said it should be made, or at least pitched to Specsavers. We were going to approach them, but then I received one tweet from a certain optical brand.
This, I must admit, was very exciting. A few emails back and forth and we'd arranged a conference call for Monday to talk more about our idea, which also had a quick facelift in preparation.
Monday happened. And went VERY well. We're off to Nottingham (hopefully next week) to meet them in person and discuss more. We've already asked an optometrist and a few devs to work out more of the technical specs, so hopefully it might just get off the concept table. Here's hoping all goes well and there's more to come from it. Keep your eyes peeled in the very near future.

The Shelf Awards

Last week I headed over to the Shelf Awards at IPA's HQ in Belgrave Square - random fact: Mrs Thatcher lives two doors down from them. This swanky venue played host to five teams and a single creative, who were all after one thing. An Argos Shelf. But don't doubt the random award, it's the award for the awards. That is to say you can put the next lot on it.

Mark & Steven from Falmouth, Christoph & Jakob and Lucy Radford from Bucks, James & Mike and Steph & Josh from Lincoln and Charlotte & Sian from Gloucs were the lucky people up for the award. And what's nice about it, is that everyone who turns up chooses the winners.

The creatives get the opportunity to showcase their work and the guests have plenty of time to flick through their portfolios and have a rather informal chat with them. They then rate their work on a scale of 1 to 5 and team with the most points wins, simple.

Having met most of these teams before at New Blood, for me, it was nice to see them all getting stuck in with selling themselves. There were also lots of big names in the building, not to mention a host of recruiters and head hunters. With cards exchanging hands at a rate of knots it seemed everyone was having a good time. And the free food and alcohol definitely aided this!

When the scores had been counted, Gary Sharpen, ex-ECD at WDMP and founder of The Shelf, talked in depth about where he sees these awards going and doing more to support creatives, which is exciting for us too.

Then all that was left to do was announce the top 3. Third was Steph and Josh, second were Mark and Steven, and the winners were... Christoph and Jakob! Big congrats to them, as they had some nice stuff in their book.

Now all they have to do now is work out how to put the shelf up!

Also a big thanks to Char, Caroline, Sue, James (and his flatmates Soph & Keighley) and Gary for the banter.