BIG News

Ed and I have been hired, again. And we were offered something we felt we couldn't turn down.

After freelancing in London for the last few months, we've taken a permanent role. But not in London. Instead, we're off to Leicester and BIG Communications.

Yeah I know right.
They're called BIG Communications. They're in Leicester, which is a city (honest). It's an hour north on the train from London - so I'm not going a million miles away. And they've got some cool clients, won lots of awesome awards and have lots of in house departments that we can make the most of.

It's an opportunity that we weren't expecting to get. A role where we're hopefully not on the bottom rung, and one where we can work on all their major clients from top to bottom - including TV. The likes of Dominos, WKD and Tuborg sound like a student's wet dream. And there are plenty of smaller brands that we hope to get our teeth in to.

They're also being very considerate around all the other commitments we have in London, showing they're interested in us, not just with filling a job vacancy. And that's the exciting bit.

We're starting on the 15th August, which is a week on Monday. Although we've known about it for a week or two, we wanted to wait until we had the contracts signed before saying anything. Whoop whoop!