Spotify + Soundrop + Orbital

When Spotify launched their apps a great cheer went up from the hills (probably) as finding music suddenly became much easier. There are some clever little apps on there, but I like Soundrop.

It's basically a giant never ending playlist, which is created by everyone in the same 'room'. The room has a genre, and you can add anything to it and then vote it up and down. Post add comments, star stuff, that kinda thing.

But the other day, I noticed something quite cool. Soundrop, through Spotify, had an Orbital room. One click later and I realised Orbital were doing a live chat, plus music sesh with their whole catalogue. Pretty funky, huh?
I reckon it's a nice way to launch a new album, or go through your greatest hits while chatting to your fans. It's even easier as you can set up your own 'room' with just a few clicks. So if I was a new band just launching their first album, I'd probably jump on