Take Him Off

So on Saturday, I watched the car crash TV show that is Take Me Out. I find it pretty funny and flawed. Imagine if it was 30 blokes and 1 woman instead... would any light ever go off until the final round?

Normally I get my laughs from Adam and Dan's Twitter banter, but this week I didn't need it because of one thing; Damian Merry.

If you missed it, here's the worst thing you can say to a bunch of ladies.

But if that wasn't worth a TV award right there... There's more.

Elle, who I used to work with, tweeted last night:
And erm, the 'fireman' on the homepage happens to be, yes you've guessed it, Damian!
Hmmm, now if I were the owner of Uniform Dating, the first thing I'd be doing this morning is changing that image. Sorry Damian, if you're not a hit with the ladies, the site you're advertising might have some issues too.