Charli and Alex might get married

Meet Charli and Alex.
Charli is German. Alex is American.
They may have boys’ names, but Charli and Alex are girls. Straight girls.
But they love each other, or at least working with each other.
Charli’s visa expires on October 9th and she will have to return to Germany, unless she gets hired or married.
Alex needs a job too and doesn’t want her partner to leave.
Charli and Alex love working together so much that they might have to resort to getting married to do so.
But you can save them years of feigned lesbian interest by hiring them today or by granting them an interview.
Brilliant little idea. They have a USP that very few other people have and so are taking full advantage of it. Though they're looking for a job in America, so if you want to hire them in the UK, Alex will need a visa instead.

I for one, hope they get hired. But they do make a lovely couple...

You can follow their story here.