Arriva Bus Complaint

I’ve seen these before, but never to someone I know.

The background

Josh, the newbie copywriter at Big, went to get a bus after work one night. Unfortunately, the bus driver didn’t see little ol’ Josh stick his hand out and drove past. This upset Josh immensely. So, like any good copywriter should, he used the power of words to fight back.

He emailed Arriva. His argument? "I pay good money for a weekly bus pass and silly Mr Bus Driver doesn’t stop for me. Pffft. And my dinner was cold too." A good argument in my book.

Arriva responded saying they couldn’t offer any compensation, but disciplined the driver – I’m guessing with a traffic offence and 3 points on his license.

Slightly annoyed, Josh accepted this decision. However, only on one condition… if he received a hand drawn picture of a cat wearing a vest and shorts, holding a tennis racket, with a sweatband around his head.

The outcome 
A major win if ever you saw one. Nice one Arriva buses.

And you can read Josh’s story in a blow-by-blow email exchange on storify.