The power of websites

we’ve had our url wearecrap for about 6 months now, partly because it was great for an online portfolio, but also it was part of our final major project (FMP). This website, if you haven’t looked already has lots of our face plastered all over it. It has just got us an open offer of placement at VCCP on the back of it but today while sat in reception at TRBR, the team we were meant to meet at VCCP but left before we turned up, walked through the doors and dropped their portfolio off in search of their next job. SImon turned round and said, ‘hey are you guys CRAP?’ and we were amazed that we had been recognised by the people we were due to meet. The simple fact they had already seen us online meant we had a great conversation about why we didn’t see them.

Hope they get a job soon, they were cool, and if your reading this, which I doubt, get in touch. Remember the power of the web.