You may not like computers, but that’s okay.

You may be rubbish at drawing, but that okay.

You may not be able to spell, but that’s okay.

You may hate direct mail, but that’s okay.

So long as what you are good at, you are great at.

Don’t be okay at everything.

Okay is an evil word. 

Okay is like being a footballer and playing for Rochdale.

OKay is saying I can do everything, but not very well.

Okay is by far the worst word you can hear in a book crit.

Okay gets you no where.

You need words like,

I wish I’d have thought of that,


That’s rubbish.

Both these give you building blocks onto better things.

At least you get a reaction.

Being okay gets you 

Hmms and ermms.

In my eyes no help at all.