Tips for Young Advertisers #2

The Watford course run by Tony Cullingham, wants you to be creative in your application form.
(my attempts in comments the top of my head)


(1) Invent a new rule of physics, draw it so an idiot can understand it.

(2) Devise a new fruit and write a campaign for it.

(3) Devise a poster campaign to get Davina McCall elected as our next Prime Minister.

(4) Why should you never underestimate a handsome bear?

(5) What can you actually see in the light at the end of the tunnel?

(6) Why?

(7) I love my cat. Make me want to eat it.

(8) Enclose a reference about you written by a celebrity.

(9) Write headlines for T shirts to be worn the day after Armageddon.

(10) Sell Everest double glazing with posters that are purely visual. No word, no logo

(11) Enclose A4 photocopies of your own advertising ideas.