You Dipthong Keith

I saw my tutor/part ex tutor last night. He was at D&ADs Xchange show listening to the likes of Iain Tait (Poke), Al Young (St Luke’s) and Rosie Arnold (BBH) talk about random interesting things that aim to inspire tutors, and spur that energy onto their students. Keith is a legend and isn’t afraid to be cheeky and speak his mind, which is the best thing for this course. He could get you in front of Milton Glaser with 1 email. He’s that good!

It’s amazing what a driving force like him has had on me, in just 2 short years I have gone from a normal A Level student into a machine that thinks, knows and tries harder than a 20 year old normally knows better than. I’ve, with Chris had 3, with the 4th on its way,  adverts already run in national papers in just 12 weeks of our first placements. It might not sound great but think the National Express and Tesco accounts aren’t the smallest to bat an eyelid at.

Long may Keith be such a nutter. We all love him. Keep being you. You Dipthong.