Tips for Young Advertisers #4

C.R.A.P. have been told our website is:

“cool” - MCBD

“fun” - Scamp BBH

“something I’ve never seen before” - Nitro

“hilarious” - Lizh

and by 3 people, - Adam&Eve, Mother and MCBD

“have I met you before?” to which we reply, “no, but have you looked at the website?”

This brings me to my point. At present we trawl around agencies with our portfolio. The website is a great icebreaker we tag on the end of our email message. It means we can also not drag anything around that requires charging. But most of all, it makes us accessible to everyone.

Sam a head hunter a Lizh said that digital portfolios are brilliant and are the way forward.

A website, however bad you are at web design is a must, there are numerous websites out there that you can create them on. Even Flickr as a last resort, but don’t use Facebook as your only platform, just a starter for 10.

Some sites I know of:

Carbonmade - nice look, Brownmann use it

Fasthosts - host our site well enough for under a fiver a month

Figdig - half decent looking builder

Coroflot - more Flickr like hosting

Happy playing.