I’m not in the mood to write on my dissertation today so I thought I’d talk about how we are getting on at Inferno, because that’s so much easier to talk about.

Our BlackBerry Storm launch pack has been signed off and off to the printers monday ready for the week after, when finally the phone rears its head into Vodafone shops. I know too much about this phone. Enough for me to say that I love what it can do, but I’ll stick to by bog standard mobile phone, not an all in one computer, phone, camera, compass and defibrillation device, I made that last one up.

Christmas card, we entered the democratic world of a 3 way battle today. It’s not quite McCain, Obama and Hilton scale but nonetheless, voting lines close 5pm tomorrow, so hopefully we may see our prototype lift off and end up on desks around the globe (haha! mmmm). 

In other news, we’re planning the christmas party, great venue, can’t wait, I just hope they like our ideas for what we want to do to the place. Office is a bit quiet this week, can’t decide if it’s the calm before the storm or what but it gives us time to look at our portfolio as well, which can never hurt. Celebrations mockups and Prada look rather cool, Flymo got a great review from Publicis on Monday, “make them all like Flymo and your laughing fellas” was the quote, but even so, we’re tired of it and it may end up on the ideas skip sooner rather than later.

Finally joy of joys, the Ann Summer Viral Academy emailed us today with a new brief. The theme is ‘Enchantment’: a wild, raunchy take on the fairytale. The viral should tie in with this, but also reflect the tagline for all Valentines activity: “Capture his heart this Valentines Day”. Tightish deadlines though as it’s submitted by 24 November 2008. To be produced before Christmas and launches Thursday 15 January. 

Well that’s all for now, I’m a happy bunny.