It's Crunch Time

So, we're out of work, and like most still searching hard for that next break. You'd think if you're grads that work might be slightly easier to find than this. I'm studying all the blogs carefully and any murmurs that pop up about jobs/work available then I'm straight there searching for the best person to contact. But with this financial mire that is upon us, will we see the end of some of the 'great' agencies? Great in terms of history not output nowadays. The list of troubled agencies gets longer by the day but surely this is just scare tactics? The likes of TBWA, Ogilvy, Publicis and Leo Burnett have all been mentioned. 

I'm currently writing my dissertation on 360ยบ media and the way it affects agencies and have had to do a lot of research on some of the above. Ogilvy are a vast network of agencies, I agree with many others, that the work coming out has deteriorated, but they still have interesting ads for Ford in my opinion, but surely an agency structured as they are cannot but in that much trouble...or have they bitten off more than they can chew?

CDP, Lowe and Leagas Delaney could disappear along with the newer breed of Mustoes and St Lukes. And with the rumour mill in full swing the likes of Euro RSCG, Grey, Hooper Galton and even The Red Brick Road have been mentioned, the final two being places we have been in, but I'll keep my cards close to my chest on that one.

As for these 'rumours', this is where holding companies tighten their belts and flex their muscles. When they are doing well it's and advantage being part of them, when they are not, you risk being Craik Jones and Proximity and being turned into a more economical single agency.

Anyone fancy a merger? Or are you fighting this one by yourself. As for a job and the dissertation, they will both get sorted, neither are as easy as you think right now.