Foam River

soap factory has launched an investigation after a river running through a nature reserve exploded into a mountain of foam. WOOOO! But oh no, unfortunately dead fish and ducks have been spotted in the contaminated water after the suspected chemical spill. 

The thick bank of suds - around 150ft long and 10ft deep - built up on a tight bend on the River Irk in Middleton, close to the Irkside Nature Reserve in Greater Manchester.

Walker John Purdy, 44, who lives nearby, said: 'It is quite upsetting. There's a lot of wildlife. It needs sorting out quickly. I've never seen it this bad before and I come down here three times a day.' (What's he doing by the river more than once a day...stalker)

And you thought Fallon had made a new Fairy Liquid advert.

Poor suds. Pardon the pun.