Our first shoot

"Meet on Monday at 6:45am in Edinburgh Waverley Station please."

We're shooting our first TV advert today and creating the press at the same time for a big client, which will break next week.

We can't wait, we'll reveal it next week but it's a full day shoot, we're pretty damn excited. Its incredible what we've been able to get our hands on at Union, loads of press and TV briefs, we've going to record two Historic Scotland radio adverts this week too. 

And if that wasn't enough we had to submit work for Mark Waites the CD of Mother on Friday, a brief for an invite for STV but he has the final say on it... exciting times.

Lack of sleep but we don't care when we get good stuff to work on. More big brief for Union's accounts this week, hopefully we can pull something out for that as well.