IPA Copy Test...is back!

Good news... or... bad. The copy test is being reintroduced. The IPA is planning to make it part of the entry criteria for its summer school competition in which candidates can win agency work placements. Hmm shall I embarrass myself now... or later?

Neil Francis, a member of the IPA's creative forum, said: "In recent years the copy test has faded away, deemed unnecessary in a world of advertising degrees and media studies courses."

This I agree is very true, at Sunderland it was always ideas, ideas and more ideas. Very little went into the idea of a long copy ad. The only agency that actually picked on the lack of long copy was Weidens when we took our book around.

IPA executives are concerned that very few colleges treat copywriting as a specialism with student teams encouraged to think almost entirely conceptually.

"It’s little wonder that we’re not finding the writing skillsets we’d all like to see in our graduate intakes," Francis commented.

Ooops, I think I'll enter to see if I'm any good and get creating that masterpiece using the english language.