Why can't Fletcher appeal his red card

The ref (me) did some research as I was gutted to find out why Fletcher can't appeal his ban... to cut to the chase, scroll down to the end of the post.

Article 44 Reasons for protest 
1 A protest is directed against the validity of a match result. It is based on a player's 
eligibility to play, a decisive breach of the regulations by the referee, or any other major incident influencing the match result. 

2 Protests concerning the state of the field of play must be submitted to the referee in writing by the relevant official before the match. If the state of the field of play becomes questionable in the course of the match, the team captain must inform the referee, as well as the captain of the opposing team, orally and without delay. 

3 Protests may not be lodged against factual decisions taken by the referee. 

4 A protest against a caution is admissible only if the referee's error was to mistake 
the identity of the player. 

The only way he could appeal was if Fletcher appealed under Article 14 or 15, which unfortunately he doesn't.

Article 46 Decision 
1 The Control and Disciplinary Body decides on: 

a) the halting of proceedings, 
b) acquittals, 
c) convictions, 
d) the dismissal or acceptance of protests. 

2 Those concerned are notified of decisions by the disciplinary office in writing. Disciplinary measures against individuals are communicated only to the member association or club concerned. 

3 If measures are pronounced pursuant to Articles 14 and 15 of the present regulations, the notification shall contain a brief summary of the grounds, as well as the verdict and notice of the right to appeal. The notification is issued by fax. 

If he fell under here

Article 14 Disciplinary measures against member associations and clubs  

The following disciplinary measures may be imposed against member associations and clubs in accordance with Article 53 of the UEFA Statutes

a) warning, 

b) reprimand, 

c) fine, 

d) annulment of the result of a match, 

e) order that a match be replayed, 

f) deduction of points, 

g) awarding of a match by default, 

h) playing of a match behind closed doors, 

i) stadium closure, 

j) playing of a match in a third country, 

k) disqualification from competitions in progress and/or exclusion from future competitions, 

l) withdrawal of a title or award, 

m) withdrawal of a licence. 


A fine shall be no less than EUR 100 and no more than EUR 1,000,000. 

Article 14bis Awarding of a match by default 

1  Any team against which a match is awarded by default shall be deemed to have lost the match 3-0 (5-0 in Futsal competitions). If the actual result is less favourable to the association / club at fault, it will stand. 

2  Where matches are played according to the cup (knock-out) system, away goals awarded by default do not count double. 

3 In all other cases, the disciplinary body shall decide based on the circumstances, taking into account actual goals scored and goals awarded by default.  

4 A default result may be awarded against a team that fields an ineligible player only if the opposing team files a protest, unless the player in question has violated a disciplinary body decision or directive. 

or here, he could appeal

Article 15 Disciplinary measures against individuals 

The following disciplinary measures may be imposed against individuals in accordance with Article 54 of the UEFA Statutes

a) warning, 

b) reprimand, 

c) fine, 

d) suspension for a specified number of matches or for a specified or unspecified period, 

e) suspension from carrying out a function for a specified number of matches or for a specified or unspecified period, 

f) ban on exercising any football-related activity, 

g) withdrawal of a title or award. 

The competent disciplinary body may impose community football service in addition to the penalties listed in paragraph 1.  

A fine shall be no less than EUR 100 and no more than EUR 100,000. 

Article 15bis   Suspended sanction 

All disciplinary sanctions may be suspended except for: 

a) warnings, 

b) reprimands, 

c) bans on all football-related activities; 

The probationary period shall be a minimum of one year and a maximum of five. This period may be suspended if the person penalised temporarily leaves UEFA’s area of jurisdiction. 

If a further offence is committed during the probationary period, the competent disciplinary body may order the original sanction to be executed, in addition to disciplinary sanctions for the second offence.  


Article 20 Disciplinary scope of decisions taken by the referee, consequential sanctions  

1  Decisions taken by the referee on the field of play are final and may not be reviewed by the UEFA disciplinary bodies.  

2  Only the legal consequences of a disciplinary decision taken by the referee may be reviewed by the disciplinary bodies in cases where such a decision has involved an obvious error, such as mistaking the identity of the person penalised.  

3 The provisions of the present regulations apply to protests against match results affected by a referee’s decision that was in breach of the regulations.  

So there we go...more can be found here, but basically unless UEFA change their legislation, he's out of the final. The only hope is that Article 20 point 2 is vague enough for an appeal, but I sadly doubt it...opinions people?