Hot desking at agencies

Hot desking, have you heard of it? Renting a desk in an office of the company that owns it, for, well lets say, a pretty decent price. An airconned 4 foot squarepatch that can become a base for a hive of activity. I know NABS offer a superb palce in which to propel yourself into book crits from, but what if advertising agencies offered us young people hot desks to work from.

We pay them a nominal fee for a week to sit in a creative environment and maybe gain some experience. Who knows, you may be able to steal a brief or two and claim you're the new freelance team!

Wouldn't it be great going to other agencies and when they say, "where are you working at the moment?" and you could tell a little white lie and say your currently at AMV or Fallon and omit the fact you are hot desking. Is that kudos or cheek? In my opinion it's trying to think outside the box while living in one.

When CR and I are in London, we need a base, we've used pubs, bars, galleries, and a library, but wouldn't an advertising agency be better? Surely in times like these some places are desperate to earn some money back by just having a couple of strangers in the corner for a period of time.

I think if we go a few weeks without work I may use this idea and see how far it gets me. Yes it means paying them money for a placement, but when needs must and you can do all nighters/sleep in the office that has to be a good idea...

Any thoughts...