How many book crits does it take to get a job...?

We have a Facebook page that lists everything we have done as a team since day 1. Yep that's right. We even remember the work that was in the porty... As I updated the page yesterday I realised how many book crits we've actually had. We currently stand at 59 as of this evening at Leith. As most people are aware, that's probably quite a lot... but is it really? Years ago it may have been long since we'd given up. But the new breed out there, does that sound a lot to you?We've done 5 placements accumulating in one years worth of work. 6 months at Union, 2 at The Red Brick Road and Inferno, 1 at Hooper Galton, and a couple of weeks at Amp, oh and not forgetting we blagged a day at Fallon at Flintham's desk.

It took 34 crits to get to our first placement. So that stat is screws with a table. If I make 1... thinks about opening excel... decides it would make me look professional.

So here's my graph.
NB: Graph includes handing books in

It's a beauty, isn't it.

(Waits for laugh)

It makes interesting reading, if it makes any sense to you. Placement 1 (Fallon) took 34 crits, Hooper Galton 2, The Red Brick Road 2, Inferno 6 crits. Amp was a mere 0, then Union took a beating at 12 and we are now on 3 and counting.

That now looks better reading. Does that look good to you? Should we have been hired by now or are is everyone going through at the moment? 

P.S. I know I get at least 30 hits a day so please give me a comment or 2 now and again, it would be nice. No graphs here I promise.

Maths session finshed. Enjoy your day.