Johanna Basford

Is making a new picture taking inspiration from twitter users. She has 48 hours, about a quarter left as of me writing this post, to draw whatever is tweeted on her page.In her own words:

The print will be in my signature style of intricate hand penned curiosities, formed into a delicate sphere. What goes into that circle, is up to you. I'm putting the public in charge of creative content and relinquishing all decisions to you.
To get involved, all you have to do is tweet me what would like to see included and I'll diligently draw each and every twitter suggestion* (except anything deemed too rude for innocent eyes!). So be it a pirate ship, a yeti footprint, a medieval castle or a Venus fly trap, all your twitter suggestions will be translated into pen and ink to create an eclectic snap shot of Twitter imaginations over a 2 day period. *Just one suggestion each, so think carefully and make it count!
I'll be officially opening up the Twitter Suggestion Box and drawing the live artwork on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October from 9am till 5pm. TwitPic snap shots of the design in progress will be posted at 15 minute intervals throughout the 2 days to allow you to see the progress of the piece and to spot your suggestion as it appears in the artwork.
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