Extension at Leith

We're starting our fourth month at Leith this week, and we know we're here until the middle of February, which is awesome for us. It'll take us to a year in Edinburgh in full time employment. We had a nervous wait last week with the decision, reminiscing back to last year we finished a placement around this time and couldn't find work until the February, but thankfully it has all worked out.

Competition is fierce, we're fighting over big briefs, which is great, but it also means we're getting less work out. No bad thing as we're still learning. Little things like ScottishPower and Robertson Homes come in and go out and we're getting ourselves on some interesting pitches that even come from Farm in London. Hopefully we may have some news this week on something big but I don't want to jump any guns just yet... Irn Bru, EIF, S1, Edinburgh Rugby 7s and Scottish Government are filling our days, all exciting stuff

Oh and we're badly growing moustaches for Movember. If you want to help me manage the last few days of annoying facial hair then you can donate here.