Sunderland University Twitter Hacked

Twitter and businesses are a delicate balance. Even more so when the content you share can be anyone's business. You are open to attack, public opinion and all sorts of PR, good and bad. Well now Sunderland University has come a cropper. It's twitter feed as been largely untouched and tumbleweed like over recent months until and pesky wannabe got into the account and has taken it upon themselves to make a fool of my ex-uni.

As you can see at the bottom of the screen, an honest twitter account to start with on March 25th.
And now its current state. I particularly love the latest tweet. Poor old Professor Fidler.
You'll be pleased to know I have also informed the Sunderland Echo, after my Myspace stunt 3 years ago made the same paper's headlines.

See their poor twitter here

I received an email this morning

Hi guys Good to see a couple of Sunderland Uni students getting such great placements. Just to put you right, Sunderland Uni hasn't got a Twitter page so we haven't been hacked as you suggest. The one you're blogging about is bogus. Anyone can set these things up and post whatever they like. Whoever this is they won't be taken seriously with nonsense like this. all the best,
**** (Name removed because I'm being nice)

**** *******
Publications & Advertising Manager
University of Sunderland

I personally can't see how or why it was left dormant for so long and now this has happened. It started to tweet like an official page so why now has it suddenly changed? And why now? why not ages ago when it was first set up?

And secondly, why doesn't the uni have a twitter page? I personally think Abertay Uni have a cracking use for it, especially with its clearing page. Surely the way to react to such dodgy publicity is to create a new Sunderland Twitter page or get the misguided one removed...

It just doesn't add up I'm afraid.