Christmas at home - via Edinburgh

So it seems a foot of snow in Edinburgh is fine, but a sprinkle down south and it takes twice as long to do anything.

Granted, a train between Glasgow and Edinburgh didn't quite happen and apparently nobody in the creative department managed to get into work, but that didn't stop me getting the train to London. (Phew)

Now for once I have to prize the East Coast line, free internet, table seat, cheap ticket, space for my suitcase. This verses me flying from Edinburgh to Gatwick using either BA, which wouldn't of happened or Easyjet, who wouldn't have been qualified to fly in the snow. So I'm pretty glad I travelled via the train.

It gave me time to think on a great year and possibly think about highlighting a few things. The fact that this time last year we didn't have a job, it was the height of the recession and everybody who was anybody was going for every single placement that was possibly available.

First major thing was the move. Edinburgh, why? "Cos we wanna work" seemed to be the obvious answer. If our book is good enough to get placements in London, why couldn't it in Scotland? What have we got to lose?

At that time? Not much. Up rooting, leaving everyone, this felt 'a bigger than uni' step. This was a career move. And so far it's paid off, minus the losing the girlfriend due to the distance, but not everything in life is perfect.

The next has got to be making our first TV advert while at Union. A great day, even if it peed it down all day.

Quickly followed by lots for work for STV Jobs including a couple of little ads.

We had a great 6 months at Union then moved to Leith in September. We're here until at least mid February.