Google Search

Have some fun without even searching for it.

Go onto Google but not just, try, (India), (Saudi Arabia) (Australia).

Then type in a word, any word you want and wait for the suggestions to appear. My Art Director, CR, found that if you type "removing" into google uk and google india you get VERY different answers.

So on my quest for knowledge, here are a few more... they are very funny.

The UK, very safe and normal. Removing a radiator, artex and chewing gum.
The US, still rather common to us. Removing wallpaper, acrylic nails and blood stains(slightly odd).Australia is slightly more interesting. Removing ticks from humans, fake tan and floor tiles.Saudi Arabia gets interesting. Removing erhm, pubic hair, hair by laser and windows live messenger?! A very strange set of results.And now for India, the highlight and reason behind this post. Top hit, removing BRA, second, removing DRESS, third, removing PUBIC HAIR, fourth, removing CLOTHES, fifth, removing blackheads, sixth, removing DRESS ONE BY ONE and it doesn't get any better.
Go on, try any other "safe" words and see what foreign Google's come up with. Post your weird and wonderful results in the comments.