Poke Hack Day - including hacking my blog

First things first, Nik Roope CD at Poke London steals the limelight of the blog with his twitter picture...

Now onto the good stuff, so i've stolen half of this from here but it deserves a lot more credit and publicity, and one more mention wouldn't hurt its cause.

The plan, everybody at Poke London gets the day off to do something creative in separate. You have 24 hours to think, make and present your idea a panel of judges. The best team wins a nice prize teams.

"Here’s a round up of the creations:
The Holy Sandwich www.theholysandwich.com: A never-ending stack of user-generated sandwiches.
Egg Watchers www.eggwatchers.com : An egg timer that sources decent YouTube videos of exactly the right length you need to cook your egg. (Notice, reader, how we steered away from the “eggactly” pun. It wasn’t easy.)
That’s a Cappuccino www.thatsacappuccino.com: Campaigning to make Britain’s coffee better with a nice, simple thumbs up or down.
Tracka2 www.tracka2.com: A high-fibre cereal bar with a GPS tracking device buried in it, so you can track your “load”. Delightful.
Al Pieda www.al-pieda.com: A Saw-style ‘death mask’ that releases a custard pie on the face of the wearer on the receipt of one million clicks on the Al Pieda website.
TasteBuddi www.tastebuddi.es: Randomly generated sweet and savoury food combinations for the more adventurous palate.
The Holy Sandwich took the judges prize, winning a five-course meal at the Chef’s table at Corrigan’s. The second prize winners, with the largest volume of traffic, will be announced in March." - Poke blog
Now I know it's a personal thing, but Tracka2 if f**king hilarious. If you watch their promo video, it's brilliant. The Facebook interaction really had me in fits of laughter. Apparently they are actually trying to make the product too, hence the tweet from Nik. I liked what TasteBuddi, clean simple and interesting if you're wanting random sandwiches, a lot like Holy Sandwich.
That's a Cappuccino is a nice thing for discovering where to go and not to go for the 1 shot of everything in a mug. Egg watchers is funny, I've seen a viral for a fake microwave that does exactly the same thing. If that webpage was available by .mobi then it would have had the market all to itself, I just unfortunately have my Mac in the kitchen.
And unfortunately Al Pieda is just a bit too random. Sorry guys.
I'd love to do something like this. I guess it helps when the agency is a wizz with technology and has the skills to implement these things so quickly. Many places don't have those capabilities or the guts to put the agency's creativity over clients. Good on Poke. Hopefully there will be one next year.