Augmented Reality Trainers

Yes, that's right, trainers. Would you believe Adidas have a pair of augmented reality trainers available to buy? Well Adidas have just created a pair. And they come in 5 different colours so you can have lots of augmentedness.
The hit layer is on the tongue and looks different for the various trainers, but I don't know if they do anything different.

Once your trainer is placed in front of the webcam, you have a world to play with. On your shoe. There are shooting games which is play by moving your shoe around and firing.

Here's the teaser for the trainers

Oh and not only that, they've also made jackets and hoodies with the same ability. Madness. Though a little less bizarre than a trainer.

If you fancy buying a pair you can find them here.
And to visit the augmented reality adidas page, click here.