The weirdest chat service ever

iChat, MSN, Skype, Facebook chat etc are all great ways to talk to people online.

But then there's this. It has been doing the rounds on Twitter today and it's called Chat Roulette. It's the weirdest, worst way of talking to people you could ever possibly imagine.

Basically it pairs two people, of any age and sex and basically lets you webcam and talk to them.

The idea itself is quite interesting, the fact it is so random isn't. It needs some sort of filters, i.e. woman aged 18-25 and you should have to fit the criteria of them as well. Then it wouldn't be half as creepy as it is.

It is speed dating to the extreme, a quick glance, if you don't like them, half a second later you've moved on. It requires no registering or log in etc so it's about as dangerous and taking that back alley home when it's dark.