You've got to be Brave to have Skype Crits

Brave are looking for the best junior team in the country. And because they’re no ordinary agency, they’re not conducting any ordinary interviews. Instead, they want the UK’s best creative talent to pitch their ideas live, online, through Skype.

So if you’re Brave enough, and you want the chance to earn a full time job at one of the country’s fastest growing creative agencies, drop them a line at

When they find them, they'll giving them a one month paid placement and the chance to earn a full time job at one of the UK’s fastest growing creative agencies.

What then?

They’ll give you our Skype address so you can present your best piece of work from anywhere you like (well, anywhere with broadband and a webcam, that is).

Your bedroom, your local pub, the nearest tanning salon – it’s entirely up to you. You’ll be judged not only on the work you present, but the originality of the presentation itself.

Use props, extras, costumes, scripts, stunts – anything you think will entertain us and give us a glimpse of your creativity.

They even suggest, "perhaps even have a look at some of YouTube’s ChatRoulette footage for inspiration."

Love the idea. Hope it works, talent here can be endless