EasyJet dodging the subject...again

Remember when Ryanair created a print ad calling on "Mr Late Again...to stop hiding the truth about easyJet's flight delays."

Well, as many of you will probably be aware, easyJet have a Twitter page. And, I love a good rant, especially at 8am after a delayed flight. (The first of the day, good start.)

I travel with them fairly often as it's the easiest and cheapest way to get from Edinburgh to Crawley, but I'm never on time. Ever.

So I decided to vent my frustration on them this morning:

To which I get back... 

And, erm...

Yet they dodged my subject completely! I know the Twitter person is trying to be nice, but that's only angered me further. Grr. I can see why Ryanair go to all the effort. I mean. I even wrote a blog post about it too. That's what getting up at 5am does to me!