The first 'round' YouTube video

You almost wouldn't believe what was possible would you... a circular YouTube video?! How does that work? And, how cool is that? 
The spherical clip in question is for a hamster than works out in his wheel for Cadbury's 55g Dairy Milk Milk Chocolate Roll Pack. Yep, that's a mouthful. And, it's so elusive that I could only find it on the Australian Dairy Milk Fairtrade Website. (It's the little tube at the bottom.)
So what does it do? Well, because it's clever, you can't embed it. Meaning all you get is this screen grab until you click here to see it for real.
But wait! I've worked out how they've done it. Because, although the play button and speaker button look like they're real, that's all.

If you pause the video, it doesn't buffer, you can't decrease the volume. Nor can you change the video resolution. You can't even move the timeline or click on the drop down menu. All these things would have meant this even better than it is.

But despite my attention to detail, it makes perfect sense for the Dairy Milk Roll Park. Why? Because it's round!
Great job. And, I love the fact YouTube are prepared to do things like this too. Roll on.