Facebook Places vs Foursquare

Right, I know there's a million of these, but I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring too.

I think Facebook Places and Foursquare offer (at present) two different markets. And so they can live in harmony.

Facebook Places (in my head) is about staying in touch with your 'friends' without having; "hey look at me enjoying myself at [somewhere interesting]" in your news feed. Instead, this app does that for you. I hope.

The fact it's only available on mobile devices (as yet) indicates that Facebook want people to meet up on the move. And not have people sat at home. In fact they maybe trying to be more social with their app. At last!

Find me here. Stalk me there. And even, wow I hadn't realised you were at the same gig/sports event/area of town as me... Are just some of the all things that Facebook Places can bring to the table.

So, is this the death of Foursquare?

I'm not sure. We all love badges right? And checking-in with randoms from other places? Exactly. I'm guessing Facebook technically won't show up anyone else who's checked-in to the same place as you, unless they're on your friends list.

That means there's a whole new market (where there wasn't really one before) for Foursquare. Facebook in fact, shouldn't let you see these check-ins. Because the point of Facebook is you should know who you're talking to. Foursquare is the opposite. Get where I'm going here?

Granted, Facebook Places will probably be a huge success. But with the extensions that Foursquare has brought to the table. Like 'Special Offers' for people who check-in on certain days, or whoever is Mayor gets a discount, Foursquare has a chance. And a good one at that.

Plus, you never know, Facebook Places might encourage more check-ins and ultimately encourage users to seek a different kind of location app.

But in the mean time, my Facebook Places doesn't work and I'm off to enjoy my Mayoral status. Let me know what you think.