Post Me To The Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival brings out the best acts from all across the World. Getting your name in lights isn't easy. The Fringe magazine is full from top to toe of acts all wanting your attention. But what if you can't afford to put yourself in there. Or, even get to the Fringe to perform your own act. Well, Will Armstrong, a student from Brighton has found a novel way of getting there. In a box...

It's not just funny, but also cheaper (than his mate, who's getting the bus). And, what's better is that he's tweeting from inside his box en-route to final destination, the top of the Royal Mile Fringe Restriction, at 6pm today (4/8/10).

He's already made his local news:

And he's got at least one person going to see his show off the back of posting himself (aka me). Nice find Awoooooga.

Find out more on his website, or watch his tweets in a box on Twitter. Or... look at some pictures.

Go on the box guy. Love it.