Brut takes on Old Spice

As the saying goes, if you can't compete with them, beat them up instead. Or something like that.
Brut, the mens deodorant company, have decided some men just need to "man up". And, unfortunately the Old Spice guy is one of them. Well, it's really just a guy in a towel.   
Head over to and you can enjoy a mime artist and the fake Old Spice guy being hit by random objects of your choosing. Allspice, Brut and a ship in a bottle (but not a horse) are the wonderful options. 
Take aim with your weapon of choice and then the video plays the slap. Sadly though, this isn't half as fun as where you get to do it yourself. And get a RSI in the process. 
My main issue is, isn't Brut meant to be a manly thing? So, what's with all the slapping? It should be a punch or a glassing of some sort surely...