24 briefs in 24 hours

I know plenty of people that moan when they get no time at all to work on a brief. Especially if it's something completely new and they know nothing about the product.

Well, one plucky student decided to do 24 of these non-stop, over 24 hours. One brief an hour.

Christopher Ross-Kellam, from Leeds College of Art, set it upon himself to ask Twitter for a brief every hour, which he was to complete, scamp and then move onto the next one. All of this had a purpose of course. To attract attention of the creative industry to secure a placement.
From his website, onedayinnovember.com he set up a live stream for the 24 hours. With lots of briefs flooding in from Twitter, the stunt was going well. But once the 24 hours was up, the work went up and the networking began.

@1dayinnovember's feed was full of plugs to all the right people in the industry. And, this morning it took off.

Dave Trott saw what had gone on and took matters into his own hands. With a fantastic outcome.

And other offers of a different kind have appeared too. 
There's so much to be said for social media nowadays. This kind of stuff didn't exist a few years ago. And this is the reason why if you're not on it, you should be. This is the kind of exposure you can't buy.

Great stuff Christopher. Nice to see students being creative in every sense.