The .wwf file format

How do the World Wildlife Fund try and save the world one tree at time?
By stopping people from wasting paper.

How do you stop people from wasting paper?
By stopping them printing out unnecessary files.

How do you stop them print files?
Well, you make a new file format. And, it's called a .wwf file.

It's the new green file format. It's easy to install and use. And, it's technically very similar to the PDF format, with the key exception that in WWF documents the print option is completely blocked. It’s a simple way to save trees and help the environment. 

The WWF software will install a “SAVE AS WWF” option in the print menu. Then, when you want to save it as a .wwf, just select this option and the document is saved. 

Absolute genius. No idea how many people will use this feature but something that lets you choose to save the world one page at a time is ace.

Download your .wwf software for Mac here.