Creative portfolios

What do people look for in a portfolio?

The other week, this question was posed by @YCCLondon to a numbers of creatives. And they brought up some interesting answers.

@infernoagency: good ideas in interesting channels. Don't do headline/picture/logo approach.yawn. And don't worry if it's a bit rough.

@polliecreatives: Strategic thinking. Crazy shit. Personality. Lots of all 3.

@Sergethew: I'd say dip it in some PVA, then in some glitter, make it shiny! It's well known Creative Directors are descended from Magpies.

@emily_churches: YOU make a good portfolio. People buy into the person before they even consider the idea. Be likable.

@LBiLondon: one that blows the wind up your skirt!

@lendmeyoureyes: you only need two words: good ideas.

@andymarkpeel: Raw ideas, energy, a grasp of how things work and lots of weird shit that's not necessarily adverts.

@Wheres_My_Owl: I would say consistency an confidence. But equally make an impression being creative isn't all about advertising!

@Hellocreatives: Be selective, show the kind of work you want to do, don't just throw in everything from Uni. And 90% of any job is personality.

@Floheiss: ideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasideasidea

@sophielovestea: I think being interesting, talented and enthusiastic is all that matters in the end?

@dbedwood: show you can write a good poster, show you can write in many tones of voice, show you try not to copy, show your balls.

@W2Optimism: Original, engaging ideas. Fresh thinking. Craft, story-telling and intelligence.

@Creative_Boom: Showcasing most recent work with clear navigation of About and Contact pages. Nothing too fussy! Let the content do the talking

@tommyjames: The question is flawed. What you're really asking is “How can I make my portfolio look more like everyone else’s, more like what’s expected?”

So ask the question, get the advice...and then do the complete opposite.

But the best point was:

@iamwilf: it's different for everyone, for me it's simplicity in the ideas and a bit of utility in there to boot!

It's amazing how many people mentioned 'you' being the difference. Very few said your book should look good. Nearly everyone wanted ideas, because they can teach you craft but not how to think.