Rapier's website

On Sunday night, the new Rapier website went live. None of this smashing champagne against the battleship lark. But instead, it's quietly caught the eye of a few people, including me.

I love agencies that try something different with their website. After all, it shows off their own creativity when there are no boundaries, limitations or rules. Either it's dull, old, broken, quirky, continually updated with content or down right clever. And all should have some, or all, of the last three in them.

I've decided that Rapier's site, definitely falls into the quirky category.

So what have they done? Well, the website is hosted using six webcams, each with a different piece of information on it. On the homepage you're greeted with the idea. It's a live website. Literally.
These six webcams are moved on a daily basis so that you can discover another part of the building. But if you actually want to check out their work, you'll have to follow their links away from the site to either Flickr or YouTube.

I love the idea, by practicality wise, the TV ads section isn't the best. And I'm sure if the site it decided to spend a day in Johnny and Angus' office, they my mute the sound after a while!
What is a nice touch though, is the date and time. A simple wrist watch and a torn bit of newspaper. Can I get away with the word 'charming' to describe that?
  Oh, and for all the sceptics about iPhone compatibility, they thought of that too.

Good work.