Real work vs Spec work

I came to London with a book of ads that have run. And a few things that have never made it past the top drawer.

But now, after two weeks having meetings, my book has completely changed. Why? Because everyone wants to see how creative you are. Not how you fare with client restrictions or budgets.

I wouldn’t have three years experience if I couldn’t make an ad. So instead, I’m now creating spec work with big ideas that go beyond anything a brief could ever let me create.

At my stage, I always thought showing off work I’ve done was the best idea, which it would be if I’d created the meerkat or the latest Nike ad. But I haven’t.

So after seeking advice in the form of three very well respected and highly creative people, I’ve come to terms that my book of ads isn’t want creatives want. And that spec work was, and still is, the way forward.

The down side is though, now I know how to make an ad, a nice strap and clever visual just won’t do. These need to be bigger ideas. Ones that have a clear goal in mind. It’s like I’m the planner and creative on the job. But I don’t mind that, it just means it takes twice as long to find that little gem hidden away. And then make it.