From Edinburgh to Ed

When I moved from Leith, and Edinburgh, I left the comfort of a creative team and headed to London as a single creative. And I've found going solo isn't easy.

In every meeting I've been in they've said they want a team, no matter how many skills you can offer them. I'd had enough of four weeks doing bits and bobs with no end in sight, so I went looking for someone to team up with...

So here's me introducing my new creative sidekick, Ed.
We don't have a clever name. I got E.BAP, but I'm not sure it's that catchy to be honest. However, that doesn't matter. He breathes digital, almost more than me. He's a shit hot coder, a self-confessed geek and (half) Mexican.

And that's all for starters.

Graduating from Bucks he's been at plenty of places in London plying his trade. After which he too split from his partner and he's been freelancing in the digital domain since. With Cream and a Roses' award under his belt, he has more honours to his name than I do. And a pretty impressive book. I could almost say I'm batting above my average.

Check his site out. Or add him on Twitter. But don't ask him if he owns a donkey... he doesn't.

Oh, and how did we find each other? Twitter.