More Facebook changes

See what I did there? It's been hiding in the new "groups" section for a while, but now the press enter to comment has reached your main feed. And it's already got haters. The GET RID of "Press enter to post your comment" and Bring back the Button page is already growing.

I personally don't mind it. But without hitting shift+enter to make a new paragraph I'm sure I'll end up with lots of unfinished comments.

Here are a few people's thoughts on the change. Many think it's turning into Twitter... and I for one, hope it doesn't.
Also, has anyone noticed that the photos section has started regurgitating photo albums from four years ago? As you can see below, there are two photo albums I've highlighted that are more than four years old. Why are they in my photo feed?

There's also a "Memorable Status Updates" section in there. Now I'm all for reliving the past. But I want a way to see what's happening now. Not years ago. I'll do that when I'm old and grey thanks. 
It just seems Facebook is trying to do something clever and it's failing. My personal opinion is that they need to sort their iPhone App out. Because all the new features on Pages and Groups don't work on the move. And I'd see that as a bigger issue than making minor tweaks.