The Bourbon Cream

Last night on the Apprentice, there was a challenge to create their own biscuit, brand it and then sell it to major retailers. but judging by Twitter, both teams missed a hands down winner.

They wanted a Custard Cream top and a Bourbon Biscuit bottom.

SteJay: I'd have just mashed a bourbon biscuit and a custard cream together and called it 'Bostard' #theapprentice

jamesmadden76: I once invented my own biscuit by merging half a Bourbon cream with half a custard cream. I called it a bustard cream.

Davidthefixer: A biscuit where one half is bourbon and the other half is a custard cream #dream #TheApprentice

themarksmallman: Half bourbon, half custard cream. Biscuit DONE #theapprentice

Spacecable: If I had to create a biscuit I'd make a tripple decker bourbon as big as a dinner plate... maybe I'd cover it in chocolate #apprentice

Now I have no idea if either or both have some kind of licensing/trademark issues, but surely anyone can own the name/mixture? So why has no one made the Bourbon Cream? I'd buy it - and so would a few others!