The YCC at D&AD New Blood

As an active member of the YCC, we've been putting on more and more events for young creatives. And if our year wasn't going well already, it's now even better. We've got a large presence at the biggest graduate creative get together in the UK, D&AD's New Blood.

We've been lucky enough to secure two stands in the North Space to push our wares. And we've got lots of things going on.
Single Mingle
Think speed dating, but with folios. This is Single Creatives first event, and it's not a bad one. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can turn up in the North Space and have have 5 mins at a time with each person. Whether you're looking for a copywriter or art director to team up with, a flatmate to move to the big smoke with or someone to collaborate with on a project, this is the event for you.

Two Minute Tent
Challenge yourself to crack a brief in 120secs. We’ll provide you with the brand and you do the rest. We’ll be posting all the efforts online and decorating our stand with your creativeness. There may even be a prize for the best (possibly a placement), so what have you got to lose? It’ll only take two minutes.

Skype Crits
Over the weekend we’re organising some global folio crits. We’re in talks with people as far away as America, Australia and Thailand in some amazing agencies to give you a unique opinion on your work. If you’re interested in getting your book seen, make yourself known to the YCC during the setup on Wednesday or Thursday and we’ll try and sort a slot for you.
Paul Antonio Do-Shop
Fresh from his amazing Weekly Score, we’ve enlisted the world famous calligrapher Paul Antonio to run an hour’s workshop on Sunday from 12-1pm. He’ll be letting you get involved and teaching you some tricks of the trade. It’s also a great opportunity to see how he works and ask him some probing questions.

Portfolio Surgery
On Friday there’s a portfolio surgery. And we’ve got a team there too. Emily and Cate are in charge of inputting their wisdom to your folio on behalf of the YCC. So if you see them around, say hi!
You may have noticed on our Facebook Page we’ve started a project to create all sorts of Ys. At New Blood we’re taking this in to overdrive. Pop by our stand with your Y inspired picture and it’ll take pride of place on our stand. And we’ll add it to the collection online. There’s plenty of downtime at New Blood, so if you’ve got nothing to do, Y not have a go (sorry).

New Blood in Brief
Every day we’ll be doing a round up of what’s gone down at New Blood. From agency talks and industry interviews to a flick through work and what’s happen at our stand, we’ll tell you everything we’ve seen. And in a bite size format. We’ll also be Facebooking, Tweeting #YCCatNB, Instagramming and wandering around. So if you want to catch any of us, we’re just a shout away.

One final thing
If you've read all the way down to the bottom, well done. But also, Ad Job Wall will hoping to get the odd scoop during New Blood. So keep your eyes peeled.