Dead Time

There was a comment in TheLondonPaper today; why can’t the tube play music from a local station while we suffer the cramped space and heat?

I saw that and was like derr! The commercial rights could be huge, dead time when all you do is listen to your own music or try and not get trampled on while waiting for the tube could have an almost 100% interaction. Your senses are heightened when you go down in that hole, you almost couldn’t help but listen and take notice and while thinking aloud, why couldn’t you advertise lynx or ambi-pur and make the tube smell nice rather than something reminiscent of your school gym? 

Other dead time thoughts, the ring ring while waiting for someone to pick up, you could here the latest news headlines...
“Latest news: rapist on loose” (click) ‘Hello?’ ‘AHHH!’ (he’s behind you!) well maybe not but who knows..