Tesco Ads

“Our ad, at last! It went out on the 14th August, but I lost the paper and then went on holiday, it has reappeared and now here it is... ‘As cheap as microchips’!

It’s a glorious advert. More glamourous than our National Express one, ‘Heads north. Tails south’. Hopefully more to follow.”
I wrote that yesterday in preparation for today, however, we have made a discovery. We have another! and it was last friday, fortunately the paper got delivered at home while I was on my holiday and I noticed that “Powering Down Prices”, another corker in the 1 liner department had been aired! I can’t moan though, as much as they are full of puns, they are keeping us ticking over and we are having a good laugh about it. Tesco, so we’ve been told, are at times very difficult to write.

Hopefully more to follow, we got 3 lines for 1 through and a proper Tesco half white half blue background accepted today, and a DVD title advert coming out in September.