Book Crits

How can book crits be so vastly different! Ok so here’s how it has gone so far

BBH - Ben: We left them our book, they said it was good, but i had to be a great book to get into BBH, plenty more opportunities there.


Albion - Clive and Andre: Lovely blokes, liked most of our stuff, gave book to placement team who then said we couldn’t have a placement as they were fully booked until november. Damn

Poke - Iain and Nic: Liked a lot of our other things with the book, the videos were cool, they said make more and wanted to offer us things but the work wasn’t there so it was get back in touch often.

MCBD - Danny and Gavin: Loved the book, thought everything was cool other than Celebrations, were going to talk to their Creative Director to get us in, but happened to be on holiday for te next two weeks. Reckon we’ve got left on the pile. Damn

JWT - Laurence: Didn’t like much of the book, nice guy though. Have gave us pads and pens, never goes a miss

Mother - Stuart: Saw no potential, laid down the Mother law. Eye opening, demoralizing, not great. Oh well.

Nitro - Richard: The nicest guy you could ever meet, but all he did was abuse the book. Credit to him though, he gave plenty of pointers and tips and looked like he might want to offer us something in the future. Although he did call our work studenty. Hmm

Adam and Eve - Ben: Dejected we headed to Adam and Eve for a slaughtering, but, Ben spent 30 seconds flicking through the book (oh the joys of our website) and said he liked most of it and would talk to his Creative Director about getting us in! Random but awesome.

Inferno - Craig: He’s crazy, he’s cool, but he’s crazy. He started flicking quickly through our book and then when nice, I like it, and so does my Creative Director. How about a placement? Score! Starting Monday. Should be intriguing, I can’t wait

Rainey Kelly Y&R - Jo and Steve: Didn’t turn up, no comment.

This is a lesson we have relearnt, never take your book to a place you do not want to work. Your work will suit agencies you like and you will know that you will like them almost as soon as you turn up. MCBD were hilarious, we talked about Newcastle United far too much. Poke, the first thing Iain did was show 3 stupid online videos. It’s a sign of the place you are expecting to go into, so if you don’t like it, don’t go back.