The Office: Spoons Bank Station

We were sat in Weatherspoons today near Bank tube, all day I might add, doing work and then waiting for a meeting at Rainey Kelly Y&R, which the team forgot about and so we actually didn’t have a meeting. But to get to my point, I was in spoons, and there was a group nearby that I could hear a lot of their conversation. They had two good talking points.

#1: this guy had a new phone, one of those touch screen ones. His friend was very impressed to which he added, “the phonecular progressions these days are amazing”, I thought that phrase was rather cool, dazzle someone next time with how phonecularily advanced your phone is!

#2: the same guy, clearly a genius, ordered the burger, when it arrived however he faffed for ages with what he called ‘prep work of condiments’. Basically shoving mayo and ketchup in his burger before demolishing it. He reckoned the burger, seen as you have paid for it, should already include such condiments! His other huff was that the mayo was not in the nearest area of condiments (starting to laugh as I type that word now) but at the other end of the pub. Poor old him. Should have done his own prep work after ordering not after arriving.

P.S. the wifi didn’t work in there so avoid that as an office at all costs for the short term, but as a general rule of thumb, all spoons, especially Leicester Square spoons has plenty of space to call your office.

P.P.S. Other Spoons thoughts, £4.10 for fish and chips with bread butter and a tea. A great deal, until it is served like this!

Although it then looked better when you moved the bread and tartare out the way!

Kids curry, apparently they can only take on a Korma. Chris suggested maybe a Vindaloo for them! Vindapoo or just something with a kick, it would be funny. Harsh, but funny.

And finally... spoons galore today.

Chris had a naked beer today, mine was just peeling some bits off.