Edinburgh Baby!

We’re off to work at Union in Edinburgh for 3 months. Hurrah finally a break! It’s such a cool place I can’t wait to get started. We went to Newhaven, Union and Leith in the hope they might like our work and offer us something, and the gamble paid off. We might even stay longer as Newhaven offered a placement while Realise (can’t explain why) and Leith want to keep tabs on us.

So people might say Edinburgh isn’t London, well I know that. But its been 6 weeks since we finished at Amp and we’ve been bouncing off the walls. 3 months gives us a chance to progress, get better and work our blooming socks off. If/when we get work out, it should be vastly better than most things we’ve got out in London, and it’ll give us chance to work on television, radio and more print.

The aim is, and always has been London, but with opportunities few and far between, this is our chance. We want to work, not just get a month at wiedens or leos etc. We want a job. We love what we do, so why shouldn’t we just go work anywhere.

Chin up people, you’ll find your opportunity.