Edinburgh Adventure

We're off to Edinburgh, this is anything but a holiday. WIth work drying up in London due to the good ol' recession, we've decided to try our luck in Scotland. With a few placements under our belt and a book that has just got another at VCCP, we're optimistic that if there is anything available up north, we have a decent chance of finding it.

The weird thing about these 3 meetings we are going to is that when presented with a day, they all offered exactly the same time. 3pm on Thursday - we can't be in 3 places at once. So what do they do at 3pm everyday? Is it a siesta or a late lunch/early dinner time? Is it national see portfolio time?

So as I'm sitting on the train (note: people getting abused by the train guard for a slight miss calculation on tickets) this will be a fun adventure, Whether we are successful or not, we will soon see how Edinburgh differs to London. We know what the likes of Wiedens and Fallon look for, also what JWT and Ogilvy look for in a book. WIth Scotland, it's a whole new outlook. By the looks of the work on their websites, each seem to do bits of everything, which is a good start. But we never know, I hope they like what we have to offer, but if not, the London adventure starts all over again on Monday.

Oh and I'm sure we'll be tourists as well. A 2 day roundtrip has to include a photo session on the side.