Raise your eyebrows to Cadbury

The tune is Don't Stop the Rock by Freestyle, which is a good start. Followed but what only can be described as weird and funny, and then an added ballon adds the wonderful finishing touch!


"Over at Glass and a Half Full Productions we noticed the wriggly potential of eyebrows and thought we would have a bit of fun with them," said the Cadbury marketing director, Phil Rumbol.

"Like the other productions 'Eyebrows' is all about losing yourself and embracing that moment of joy ... after all, everybody remembers pulling a silly face or getting up to no good as a child when backs were turned."

What is a bit far fetched, would love it to take off but it needs facebook, myspace and bebo to be blitzed quickly is that Cadbury has renamed February as "Febrowary" in a bid to "pay its dues to some of the finest eyebrows ever sported". I haven't found a site yet for it, but movember and fanuary started the month naming tradition, lets see if Cadbury's can out do them!

The list so far sees Sean Connery top the poll, with Brooke Shields second.

The full list is as follows:
1. Sean Connery
2. Brooke Shields
3. Count von Count from Sesame Street
4. Alistair Darling
5. Brains from Thunderbirds
6. Noel Gallagher
7. Des Lynam
8. Frida Kahlo
9. Liam Gallagher
10. Vanilla Ice

Also Cadbury reckons that only 35% of the British public can move their eyebrows independently, and within this group just 18% are "fully eyebrow ambidextrous".

I can't, can yoooou?